Sunday, February 7, 2010

"After Making Love We Hear Footsteps" by Galway Kinnell

I think this poem describes a married couple making love and afterwards their son jumping in bed with them. They make love while they think their son is sound asleep. When they are finished to their surprise their son appears in this baseball pajamas and hops in bed with them. He falls asleep and they look at each other and smile. This poem uses personification (only the mortal sounds can sing awake), simile (snore like a bullhorn), hyperbole (the necked opening so small, he has to screw them on), and symbolism (the smile that they share represents the love they share with their son and one another). I think the author is happy in life and has experienced what he's writing about because it comes across in a very loving way. I think he wants his readers to feel the love and happiness that he has felt himself. The shift in the poem happens when his son appears in his baseball pajamas. The title says that their son walks in after they make love. The theme of the poem is love brings many blessings.

I really like this poem because it makes me smile knowing that a couple could be that happy and in love. I don't however like how they know that their son wakes up to them making love yet they leave the door open for him to come in. That's not an appropriate for a kid to be in a bed with his parents naked. I do like how they express how much love they have for their son by comparing him to a blessing. I love how the author shows that this couple doesn't view it as having sex but as making love.

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  1. Yeah, Jeff and I are very modest, so the thought of any of our kids seeing us naked is a bit appalling. haha. Good analysis, though.